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Thank you for your attention and your time!


I am very happy to share with you this musical project that I would like to create while remaining an independent artist and without commercial constraints. This is why I am asking you to be together on this Journey! You can co-produce with me the new album "Amplexus" - It's a fundraising (crowdfunding) with a pre-established duration and for each of your contributions you will receive rewards of various kinds! You can make more than one contribution and it can be for you or give it to someone you care about!


Thanks for support!





I'm Davide Friello, Musician and Handpan Teacher, Composer, Percussionist and Performer but above all Father and Traveller. In these years I have had the privilege of playing, teaching and traveling in all 5 continents: from most of Europe to Hawaii, Egypt, Guatemala, Singapore, Thailand, Southeast Asia and Italy from north to south! *Find out more at


In addition to being invited to festivals and reviews around the world, I often find myself bringing my melodies into nature with performances at dawn in the mountains, by the sea or concerts in the woods. Like the recent one on the Dolomites which was also documented by Rai2's TG2 — Watch the video -


I have performed in events of WWF, of Cure2Children, at the Meyer Children's Hospital in Florence and at the Multiple Sclerosis Institute in Brussels. I was honored to have been the opening artist at the Concert for Peace in the main square of Florence on January 1, 2020


My music has met the world of Theater, Painting, Sculpture and Cinema many times. I collaborate with many Yoga schools and Music Therapy centers offering Sound Meditations. I happened to play several times for rituals and as an accompaniment to birth and death — Read the article -


I have 4 self-produced albums to my credit and the last one, “Immersion” (under the artistic direction of maestro Roberto Cacciapaglia), took me to the major Italian theaters for its launch. The record is still listened to today all over the world.


Watch the video of Red Ronnie's interview with Davide Friello —



The new album, which thanks to your contributions will be released in April 2023, will be called "Amplexus" which in its original form means Embrace, Caress, Squeeze, Circumference, Circuit. I will explore new sounds with my many handpans that will meet ancestral percussions, synthesizers and special guest musicians!


My intent is to create new soundscapes in which listeners can travel, get excited, let flow, relax, get new energy and abandon themselves to the mystery of Sound.





Find different rewards divided by how much you manage to contribute. They can be for you or you can give them as a gift and you can obviously buy as many as you want. I thank you in advance whatever the amount with which you can support the project. Find the one that's right for you and you'll get in return:


  • New album in digital version (cover and booklet in pdf)

  • Physical CD of the new album with three-door support and a booklet with various illustrations by Tommaso Sacchini

  • T-shirt and sweatshirt (choose men's/women's sizes and model) *Handmade screen printing

  • Complete digital discography with the 4 previous albums (more than 4 hours of music!)

  • Online Sound Meditation with my music and the guidance of Martina Boccone

  • Online private handpan lessons or group day (Handpan available to participants)

  • Raffle ticket to win a professional handpan!!!

  • Custom music just for you with my handpans and plant melody

  • 3 day 2 night beginners handpan retreat (March or June of your choice)

  • Your name on the new album

  • Private concert at your home, at your association or at your ceremony or event

  • Sound Journey + "Ecstatic Dance" party (dj-set with percussions and live songs) in duo with Tom Scharre

Remember that you will receive the shipment of the physical or digital disc, t-shirts, sweatshirts in April 2023 and you will attend the Meditations in February.


Instead digital discography, online lessons, your personal song and concerts you can have them right away!


The lottery draw to win the handpan will be on Monday 23 January 2023 live on my Facebook page at 21:00. Don't worry if you don't have Facebook… the winner will receive an email!




Producing a professional album is expensive and independent artists often cannot afford it on their own. I want to do the best job possible and every euro raised will be invested in this project!

Remember I'm not asking for donations!! With your contributions you are practically pre-ordering the new album, t-shirts, signing up for a handpan class or hiring me for a concert! You will always receive Rewards that I hope will make you happy…


I'm raising €13,700 for the production of the album! These will be used for:


  • Studio and sound engineer €3500

  • Mixing and Mastering 2000€

  • CD production and distribution 2000€

  • Digital promotion 1500€

  • Graphic and Design work 1000€

  • Other Musicians and Arrangers €1000

  • Travel and transfers €600

  • Production of T-shirts and Sweatshirts 600€

  • Packing and Shipping CDs, T-Shirts and Sweatshirts €900

  • Commissions on online payments and Platform €600

If we exceed €13,700, thanks to you, I will be able to make:


  • €15,000 - 2 professional videoclips of the songs from the new album

  • €17,000 - Press Office to give resonance to the new album

  • €23,000 - Another Album called “Music For Plants” *


*Music for plants is a big dream in which I make an album (about 1 hour long) playing along with the plants and trees of the wild Sardinia where I'm living. Thanks to the "Music of the plants" device of which I am a researcher in collaboration with A.i.Me.f (Italian Association of Forest Medicine) under certain conditions I will be able to make plants play melodies and duet with them. I will choose special forms of plant life such as large age-old olive trees or trees that live next to millenary nuraghes or menhirs here on the island. I will take the whole day and maybe the night to be with each of them and start this musical dialogue between species. This profound encounter will be recorded live, recorded and then mixed and mastered to make the sound quality excellent. A CD will be produced and the history of each plant will be deepened from a cultural, historical, scientific and magical point of view.


It would be really great to be able to do all of this TOGETHER!!




In addition to making your contribution, from the smallest amount up to the top, you can help by spreading the word about the existence of this fundraising project (crowdfunding campaign):


  • Tell your friends or family about Davide Friello and the project for the new Album

  • Post and share the video of this campaign on your social networks or whatsapp for maximum dissemination

  • Follow me and leave your comments on my Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok page

  • Subscribe to my Youtube channel

  • Listen to me on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and other platforms


For any doubt, question or clarification I am happy to answer you if you contact me on social media or by email

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