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This composition of mine tells of that moment when you return from a long journey, treasure it and you are already ready for the next ...

This piece "Momentum" is inside the Album "Immersion . Music for Handpan"

- Filmed by Lidia Rivas and Antonio Nieddu - Edited by Denis Fioranelli - Studio recorded by Marco Trentanove - Music produced by Ema Edition

Live from Teatro Verdi in Firenze (Italy) during the Theatre Tour of last March.

Davide Friello plays Opening Concerts of "Quarto Tempo Tour" of Maestro Roberto Cacciapaglia 

The composition "Waltz in Emotion" here in a Solo Handpan version.  

Video editing by Tommaso Sacchini

This composition is called "Ian" toghether with Trio String. It's one of the favorite of the new Album "Immersion" // Violin: Irene Santo - Viola: Khulan Ganzoring - Cello: Lisa Neri.

Filmed by Ariele Pitruzzella at Vallombrosa Natural Reserve // Edited by Tommaso Sacchini

"Immersion" from my latest Album "Immersion - Music for Handpan"

Filmed by Tommaso Sacchini // Performers: Carlotta de Bono and Lorenzo Ballati

"Alba di Viaggio" is a composition about the necessity of travel. // Cello: Enrico Guerzoni

Thanks to SewHandpan for the limited edition WoodPan // Pink Sound Studio 

"Merope" is a composition for Handpan and Piano written by Davide Friello and Giulia Mazzoni.

It's part of her album "Room 2401" produced by Sony Music

Improvisation at Studio // Cello: Enrico Guerzoni // Pink Sound Studio 

Davide Friello plays Handpan and Patrizio Castrovinci plays Transversal Flute.

From the album "Rimatika" track no.11 "Fabula" // Studio Volta Recordings 2014


Two passions: Music and Cinema // The landscapes are from my long solo-trip in South America in 2011// Filmed by Urban Studio (Prato) 2013 

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