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* Classical Violin meet the Hang * 

I meet Katharina Mlitz-Hussain, talented german violin player, in the dreamy small medieval town of San Gimignano (Italy). 
Immediately we felt the need of starting a collaboration and we found ourself closed in a recording studio and here you can listen what happened... 


(Headphones recommended for best sound experience) 

All music improvvised by Davide Friello (Hang and Handpan) and Katharina Mlitz-Hussain (Violin) 

Recorded & Mixed by Alessandro Bongi (San Gimignano) 

Ⓒ & Ⓟ 2015 HangFusionMusic - Made in Eu
released July 20, 2015

CD "Violin & Hang”

€ 12,00Prezzo
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